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4Maint predictive industrial maintenance application has been developed and tested since 2013. Our vision of uniting maintenance engineers with predictive monitoring tools and optional augmented reality solutions positions us in the forefront of future maintenance development.




4Health for healthcare monitoring

Maintaining your health is not that different from maintaining a well working factory. We have taken the best principles of our factory maintenance vision and modified them to help healthcare experts to conduct health checks and increase the ability for elderly to stay at home longer. With clever monitoring tools we have got promising results to keep people happy at home longer!


 About us


4Maint is an agile start up company with a passion to make complex maintenance and care taking issues to a simple and understandable form. Our main product is a maintenance application for industrial maintenance, where factory sizes can vary from small to extremely large. We have developed a framework construction for complete factory maintenance that helps to process excessive amounts of data in understandable form and thus help users to make operative decisions.

4Maint’s vision of predictive maintenance is in the forefront of the maintenance industry. Our application solution helps factories to reach towards Industry 4.0 standards without huge investments.


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